Question: At What Point Do Orthopedics Consider Ankle Fusion Failed?

What happens if an ankle fusion fails?

A failed fusion can ultimately result in amputation. Risks for poor outcomes include smoking, noncompliance (walking on it early or removing your brace against your doctor’s advice), poorly controlled diabetes, and poor bone density.

How do I know if my ankle fusion is failing?

What are the signs and symptoms of a failed hindfoot fusion?

  1. Continued pain after surgery.
  2. Redness, warmth, drainage or swelling around the ankle.
  3. Nausea, vomiting, chills.
  4. A new tingling or numbness that wasn’t present before surgery.

What causes an ankle fusion to fail?

Ankle arthrodesis remains the gold standard of surgical treatment for advanced ankle joint arthritis. Failure can occur as a result of infection, nonunion or malunion, resulting in pain and poor function.

What is the success rate of ankle fusion?

In studies ranging in size from 12 to 101 patients, rates of successful primary ankle fusion of 80–100% have been reported earlier. In other studies ranging from 5 to 62 patients, substantial pain relief ranging from 80 to 100% was reported after successful fusion.

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Will I limp after ankle fusion?

Will I walk with a limp after ankle fusion? Ankle fusion will change how you walk. But with proper shoes, most patients do not limp. A fused ankle does not usually result in a fully rigid foot.

What percentage of ankle fusions fail?

A major complication of foot and ankle arthrodesis is nonunion, which may lead to failure of the procedure and require reoperation or a repeat arthrodesis. Nonunion occurs in approximately 12% (range: 3–23%) of foot and ankle fusions36 and may occur more frequently in patients presenting with risk factors.

How often do ankle fusions fail?

A recent metaanalysis described a nonunion rate of 10%, with 65% of revision surgeries performed on failed ankle fusion being done to treat nonunions [31].

Is an ankle fusion a disability?

The conclusion is that fusion is still a good treatment for the painful post-traumatic arthritis ankle, the resulting functional disability being minimal.

What are the complications of ankle fusion?

The risks of ankle fusion include:

  • Infection.
  • Damage to nearby nerves.
  • Bleeding.
  • Blood clot.
  • The bones not joining together properly.
  • Misalignment of the bones.
  • New arthritis in nearby joints (very common)

Will ankle fusion eliminate pain?

Ankle fusion (arthrodesis) involves cleaning the worn out ankle joint and fusing the bones together with screws, plates and bone grafts. Ankle fusion relieves pain, but it also limits your ankle’s range of motion, Parekh explained.

Can you run after ankle fusion?

Hintermann: Successful ankle fusion may allow the patient most activities. However, some activities such as running and jumping, where active plantar flexion and/or dorsiflexion are needed, may be limited despite of shoe modifications.

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Can you wear normal shoes after ankle fusion?

6-12 weeks – you will have a cast or boot so you will be able to take some of your weight with crutches if advised by your consultant. 12 weeks onwards – you should be able to take your full weight and wear normal shoes.

Can a fused ankle be reversed?

DELAYED FUSION REVERSAL Arthroscopic fusion is an excellent way to fuse an ankle without destroying the gutter facets of the ankle joint which improves the success of fusion reversal. This technique is particularly important in patients with end stage ankle arthritis that are under 30 years old.

How long does it take to recover from ankle fusion surgery?

Complete healing of an ankle fusion may take four to six months.

Can you drive a car with a fused ankle?

Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion Driving is usally not possible until 3 months post surgery unless surgery to left foot only and automatic vehicle.

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